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Experiences such as this are part of the fully philanthropically funded Leadership Development Programme, if you would like to contribute to our mahi, you can do so here

Chamber music rang out at Dingwall Trust on Sunday as an APO woodwind trio entranced tamariki

Tamariki at Dingwall were treated to a special onsite classical performance in the hall on Sunday by a woodwind trio from the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra (APO).

Jonathan Cohen on clarinet, Ingrid Hagen on bassoon and Camille Wells on oboe entranced tamariki with their beautiful playing.

The trio traversed Tchaikovsky and Beethoven among others, along with a rearrangement of music from Moana the movie by Jonathon.

During the performance, tamariki got up close to the instruments as the musicians took turns explaining the intricacies of each.

Tamariki learned how it was the reeds of each instrument that provided the vibrations to make the different notes. Oboist Camille Wells also explained how she makes her own reeds from scraping and whittling small pieces of canes!

The children also learned about timing and rests and different speeds of music. It was amazing to each musician playing quite different notes, but together they sounded so melodic.

The tamariki were full of questions for the musicians, wanting to know about the sheet music and all the extra pieces of equipment that came with them.

They even had a go a conducting the group and danced to some of the music. They loved how loud the clarinet could play and the deep notes of the bassoon.

“But I loved how the instruments all harmonised with each other to make the music beautiful,” said one young enthusiast.

Thank you so much to the APO and the musicians who gave up their Sunday to entertain and enlighten tamariki.

You can learn more about our Leadership Development programme and also the APO