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What we do

Educational enhancement

We believe good education can be the key that unlocks the
door to a brighter future for tamariki and rangatahi in care.
Our scholarship programme matches rangatahi with the best possible education option for them to reach their potential.

Gateway to opportunity

Enhancing the secondary and tertiary educational opportunities for rangatahi is a longstanding priority at Dingwall, particularly for those with special talents in academics, sports or the arts.

Scholarships are available for rangatahi to attend independent or integrated schools, allowing them to reach their potential.

Rangatahi often benefit from the opportunity to study subjects not available locally, and also through widening their circle of friends and contacts, as well as experience.

A good match

Our approach is to put the young person at the centre of any decision making when it comes to choosing a school. Placements are made based on individual assessment to get the best match with a school that will allow rangatahi to grow and get to know themselves better.

The care team continues to support the student at their school as it does for rangatahi at local schools.

“I have personal experience of how the education enhancement programme opens up a world of opportunity for disadvantaged children. I want us to empower tamariki in care to have the best possible opportunities and the tools and confidence to go after them.”
– Tangiao Wiperi, Trustee and former recipient of Dingwall’s educational enhancement scholarship.

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