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What we do

Health and wellbeing

We believe developing healthy habits as early as possible creates a strong foundation for life. We design and deliver programmes, for both individuals and groups, that strengthen health and wellbeing from the outset.

Healthier minds and bodies

Our focus on health starts in our community garden where tamariki learn to grow, harvest, cook and taste new and healthy fruits and vegetables.

The tamariki feed and care for our chickens and Kune Kune pigs, and help beekeepers harvest our very own honey. They learn to enjoy as well as care for the outdoor environment.

Appropriate and fun physical activity is also encouraged and the team takes into account developing and growing bodies and tailors programmes to address the needs of tamariki and rangatahi.

We recognise that healthy minds and spirits are just as important as healthy bodies and our programme also focuses on exploring strategies to build self belief and cope with anxiety and stressful times. Rangatahi are shown how and encouraged to support one another using positive and self-esteem-building language and actions.

Wellbeing – holistic assessment

Wellbeing is facilitated through an open, curious and accepting mind-set and a robust and holistic assessment of strengths and needs.

Understanding tamariki, rangatahi and whānau needs and values are central to enhancing their mana, enabling us to identify the nurturing and healing experiences that will strengthen them.

“I learned that if the snail goes onto the egg shells, it makes its body feel weird! The snail doesn’t eat the lettuce now.”

Tamariki learning how to grow lettuce from seed


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