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What we do

Leadership development

We believe tamariki and rangatahi have the makings of future leaders in our communities and will thrive with the input of youth development in their lives. Opportunities for personal development and leadership experiences will set them on a path to success.

Future leaders

We support tamariki and rangatahi to develop practical life skills, self-efficacy, and resilience – qualities we believe will lead to a life filled with opportunity.

Rangatahi and tamariki are encouraged, right from the start, to be leaders in their own lives and positive advocates for their own needs. Participating in cottage meetings and wider consultation and feedback sessions provides opportunity for tamariki to share their views about the support they receive and to contribute to the planning and organising of activities and events at Dingwall.

If rangatahi come up with a project they want to take on, we do our best to make sure it happens. The team also provides a range of in-house learning and development activities that are fun and driven by the voices of the tamariki and rangatahi, such as taking part in Escape Room exercises or learning hip hop dance.

Empowerment – mana tangata

We advocate for tamariki and rangatahi to have their voice heard and recognise that mana tangata is essential for empowerment

The use of a strengths-based approach that is focused on identity and connection is essential to developing mana tangata and empowering  tamariki and rangatahi

Building the identity of  tamariki and rangatahi, through experiences that are aspirational, develops their strengths and facilitates the development of interdependent relationships and partnerships within and outside of Dingwall.

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