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What we do

Whānau growth

We believe tamariki and rangatahi do best as part of a loving
and caring whānau, but rebuilding relationships after separation can be difficult. An environment that allows quality time together, such as our whānau house, can support that journey, as can supporting whānau in their own home in the community.

Strengthening families

Restoring whānau relationships after separation takes courage and strength. And reconnecting and gaining trust, as well as just keeping up with each other’s lives, takes time.

Through our whānau growth service, we dedicate the much-needed time and space for this to occur. Our whānau house provides a relaxed, family environment to play, cook together or just hang out and chat.

The cottage can also provide a safe place for more therapeutic whānau support. Whānau bonds are built on shared history and memories as well as DNA. Family time at the whānau house is an opportunity to build on past good times and create new memories, away from the stresses of everyday life.

In the community, we support whānau to grow together to become strong, resilient and connected, so they are able to operate independently.

As a bonus, the “Sharing Shed” at the whānau house is well supported by the community with generous donations of clothing, toys and household items for mums, dads and siblings to take home.

Empowerment – mana tangata

We advocate for people to make choices and decisions for themselves. The use of a strengths-based and restorative approach, focused on identity and connection, is essential to developing a relationship that empowers tamariki, rangatahi and whānau.

Acting with integrity and maintaining confidentiality is fundamental to developing trust: Keeping children, young people and whānau central to the decision-making process, facilitates a relationship that is based on partnership, is mana enhancing, and promotes their rights, views and wishes.

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