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“When all our interactions are respectful, much will be achieved.” These are the words of Angela Futter, care support lead at Dingwall Trust. Angela and assistant caregiver Melody Peterson are star employees and inaugural recipients of our new values awards.

Dingwall’s new values are Nurture, Respect, Courage and Connection. Both Melody (Nurture) and Angela (Respect) are shining examples of upholding these values in practice.

Angela is recognised for valuing and honouring the identity rights and perspectives of all people. While Melody’s ability and desire to provide safe, compassionate and caring experiences for tamariki and rangatahi are equally celebrated. The two staff members are shining examples of putting theory into practice.

Angela says: “For me, receiving the Dingwall Respect award is an honour. My parents modelled respect to me, it is a way of being in the world when interacting with all people. It is foundational in my work here at Dingwall, in every interaction I have. And it is a privilege to work with tamariki and rangatahi, especially when they share personal stories. Every tamariki and rangatahi’s journey is unique, and you can learn so much listening to their perspective in a respectful way.”

Melody brings nurture to Dingwall wherever she can. She builds rapport with tamariki and care staff alike, showing compassion for all through her calm and gentle manner. She is well loved by Dingwall tamariki, who feel comfortable enough to share confidences with her, and her favourite mantra is: “When we nurture a child’s whole being, we open doors to endless possibilities.”

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