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Holistic Safeguarding will help Dingwall strengthen processes to create an organisation-wide, child-centred safeguarding culture that protects both tamariki and staff.


This week Dingwall welcomed Kim Dickinson from Holistic Safeguarding – specialists in supporting organisations through their safeguarding and child protection responsibilities.

Kim will work with the team to create a holistic child-centred safeguarding culture to keep tamariki safe from abuse and harm. Child safety needs – for tamariki, staff and the organisation – will be aligned with effective systems, policies and procedures that reflect world’s best practice

Speaking to staff, Kim explained how holistic safeguarding ultimately results in every member of staff at a workplace taking responsibility for, and contributing to, keeping tamariki safe.

Creating and embedding a safeguarding culture throughout the organisation is key, says Kim. “We want a culture that holds a child focus and safeguards everyone – children, staff and the organisation.”

An organisation-wide survey will point to Dingwall’s strengths and weaknesses in this area. Holistic Safeguarding will then make recommendations as to where and how Dingwall can improve.

Policy and process will be matched as closely as possible to the current Australian National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. This should establish Dingwall well for if, and when, the New Zealand Child Safety Principals/Standards are articulated via our Royal Commission.

Dingwall CEO Claudine Young is delighted to welcome Holistic Safeguarding to carry out this vital piece of work to strengthen Dingwall’s practice even further.

“It is one the whole staff team are keen to get underway and we are very pleased it can now happen after many Covid delays.”

You can read more about Holistic Safeguarding here

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Dingwall Trust CEO Claudine Young, left, with Kim Dickinson of Holistic Safeguarding